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Problems in your HVAC system may be a symptom of some larger issues. Apart from disturbing your comfort, they can impact your safety and energy bills. The lack of a maintenance schedule is the most common reason for inefficient systems and you should consider AAA Technical Services for all your A/C and furnace repairs in Toronto. We have significant experience and expertise and can also help you with equipment sales and rental.

Some of the major problems you can experience are:

Irregular distribution of hot and cold air, due to which you can find hot or cold spots throughout your house.

Pressure imbalance can cause currents of air flowing from one room to another. You may find the doors slamming suddenly along with strange whistling noises and drafty areas.

Low or no air flow from the vents is a problem that could be throughout the space or only with a few units.

An A/C that blows warm air or a furnace that produces cool air.

Solutions for Common A/C and Furnace Problems

Never ignore such problems for too long as they can put excess stress on the system, leading to compressor failure. The good news is that you can fix some of the common issues yourself such as:

Clearing obstructions around the unit. If you have placed your furnace or air-conditioner in the middle of other storage items, the airflow to and from the system may get obstructed, causing overheating. . When people in offices don’t agree on the thermostat setting, someone may move a cabinet in front of the air-vents to obstruct the heated or cooled air. Remove any such items placed around your HVAC system.

Make sure all vents and registers are not blocked. Leaves or debris may get in the pipes and stop the airflow. Get your vents inspected regularly for any such blockages.

Changing the air filters regularly. Air filters dust and debris from the air. If it gets overloaded and clogged, the dirt will move to the ducts and equipment which can impede the airflow, causing hot or cold spots in your space. It can damage the equipment as well. Consult the product’s manual while cleaning the air-filters.

Getting the ducts inspected and cleaned as dust can accumulate there, blocking them. There is also the possibility of insects, birds or rodents building nests in there. This may cause the pipes to crack and reduces the airflow from the HVAC system. 

Checking the thermostat which may become faulty or the battery may be running low. This can also cause airflow issues.

Checking the blower fans which need cleaning from time to time. Grime can deposit on the fan blades or the motor giving you a reduced airflow.

Making sure the coils in your furnace or A/C is working fine. It helps in heating or cooling remove the air playing a major role. The coil might fail or may get dirty so inspect and clean it regularly to avoid A/C or furnace repairs.

For better energy savings, consider updating the appliance to the latest technology. If you renovate or expand your space, you will need an advanced furnace or cooling unit.

Contact our professionals for a regular preventive maintenance program or for A/C and furnace repairs. You can trust our certified electricians in Toronto.


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