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If you’re thinking of buying a condo and aren’t sure what kind of heating systems are most common in Toronto, we at AAA Technical Services are here to help. There’s a lot of variety in the kind of condo and therefore the kinds of heating systems you’ll find in the Greater Toronto Area. Perhaps the most important factor will be the size or number of floors of the condo building you’re looking at. If the building has more than six or so floors, you’ll probably find a central heating system that works for the entire building. Fewer than six floors, however, and you might find each unit has its own heating system, perhaps even a different kind entirely from the others.

Why does size matter here? As usual, it has to do with money. If your condo building is big enough, the only cost-effective method of heating the entire building will be a larger, centralized heating system. Smaller than that and it might not be worth it for the whole building to be rigged up with a complex system of ducts and fans. Here are just a few things you should know about what your HVAC repair responsibilities might be in a Toronto condo.

Centralized heating system

If you do go with a larger condo building, your responsibilities will probably be a little less extensive than they would be if you had more control over your heating options. Typically, the maintenance of the boiler and control over the temperature will be left to the building caretaker. You’ll probably have to contribute to a communal maintenance fee regularly.

In some older buildings you might not be able to control when the heating is turned on or off. With many modern systems, however, you can control the degree to which your own unit is heated.

Individual heating systems

If you’re in a small building, your condo heating options for your Toronto home might be up to you. In that case, you’ll have to choose what you’d like. Here are just a few options to consider:

Window unit or space heater. You’ve probably used one of these before. They come in a lot of different versions and some of the more advanced models are surprisingly effective and efficient. They’re probably not enough to keep a whole condo hot through the winter by themselves though.

Heat pump. These systems draw heat from pressurized refrigeration gas in the single operative unit which could switch from heat to air conditioning mode using reversing valve to change the system operation modes. Heat pumps like any other air conditioning systems need to be cool down either with condenser unit or water cooling system.

Ductless heating. This high-tech option is becoming increasingly popular in North America. It consists of a ultra-efficient window unit that can heat or cool your condo. Rather than water, it uses a special refrigerant to force heat exchange between the inside and outside up to 30% more efficiently than traditional window units.

Whichever heating systems you consider for your condo, we at AAA Technical Services are here to give advice or do any HVAC repair your unit or building in the Greater Toronto Area might need. Contact us today to find out more about all the services we can offer you.


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